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Conway's Game of Life

Sprayer Calibration Calculator
Designed to help determine appropriate inputs, this app calculates the ground speed and coverage for a chemical sprayer. Visit the Sprayer Calculator page for more information.

Traveling Salesperson Optimizer
Traveling Salesperson Optimizer is a Java base genetic algorithm used to minimize the route to visit all of the locations in a distance database. Visit the TSP Optimizer page.

iChing App
The iChing app for Android is a simulator for the ancient
Chinese oracle known as the I Ching, or "Book of Changes."
Available for Android phones from Google Play.

Sighting Tool App
A Scope Sighting Tool app to calculate elevation/windage corrections.
Available for Android phones from Google Play .

BingoTron 5000 beta APK
The BingoTron 5000 virtual digital callboard evaluation code for Android tablets. Used with a video projector, a bingo callboard can be displayed virtually anywhere.
Free Beta Test

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