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Traveling Salesperson Optimizer

The Traveling Salesperson Optimizing program is an adaptive systems algorithm. The program reads a CSV (comma-seperated values) database file of distances and uses a genetic algorithm to minimize a path that visits all of the locations at least once. Locations without a direct path between them can be represented by a number an order of magnitude greater than the longest distance between locations to simulate the disconnect.

Notes on the Program Parameters:
  • The Output File overwrites any previous file.
  • The Permutation value should be 0 (no permutations) or 2 (a random section of the code is moved inside the gene).
  • Permutation Rate is only used when Permutation Type = 1, however Permutation Type 1 is computationally wasteful and has shown no evolutionary advantage.
  • If the Gene Length value is left blank, the program will automatically set the length to Number of Locations*(Number of Locations - 1).

Available as a Java executable file: TSP_Opt.jar
A sample CSV (Comma-Separated Values) database file: TSP_data.csv
A sample CSV database file with simulated disconnects: TSP_data02.csv

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